zondag 17 mei 2009


I came to painting via the theatre. Then, oddly enough, it took quite a while before I realised that my art work didn’t necessarily have to be a painting but could encompass other things. Seems so obvious now, but it was a revelation at the time!

Then the question of course arose – When does it have to be a painting? The answer, it seems is – almost never. So I do still paint occasionally.

What interested me with my series of naked figures was disturbing the conventions and expectations that adhere specifically to the painted nude.

(Aged 9 to 14, I went through life as a boy, consequently, when I 'became a girl again' gender-oriented behaviour was not something I took for granted, and my work sometimes deals with an under-mining of established gender-related assumptions.)

See more paintings by Jimini Hignett on www.HowToGoOn.com

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